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Updated - March 15, 2017

*Former U.S. Speaker of the House from Massachusetts Tip O'Neill coined this phrase - "all politics is local."
It has come to represent the fundamental importance of political action at the local level.

What's happening ....
Calendar of Events:

Select Board Meetings:
Monday Mar 20, 7pm 
Wednesday Mar 22, 8am
Monday Apr 3, 7pm
Wednesday Apr 12, 8am

Marches & Protests:
Google BerkshireBrigades for info.

Stockbridge 2017 Democratic Caucus':
Saturday March 18, 10:00am. Town Office Meeting Room

Baby Town Meeting:
Monday May 8

Annual Town Meeting:
Monday May 15

Tues May 16 - Town Election

State Convention:
Saturday June 3.

Second Home Owners Meeting:
Saturday July 8

Many opportunities coming up to run for office or to help Democratic candidates.  Contact us for details and referrals.

Announcements ..........
As the Mass Democratic Party Field Manual states: "...the next election cycle begins on the day the last one ends..."

Stockbridge 2017 Democratic Meeting and Caucus':
Saturday March 18, 10:00am. Town Office Meeting Room. All Stockbridge Democrats are urged to attend.

Click Bulletin Board tab for agenda and info letter.
Click Election Score Card tab for election data.

79% of the Stockbridge Electorate voted on November 8 (versus about 60% nationally)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How did Stockbridge vote in the last election? See our Election Score Card link (at left).
Please participate.
Please get involved.

Democratic Activities:
Unhappy with election results! Get involved: Run for office. Support someone running for office. That's the bottom line!

Local Questions!:
Local Questions!:
Local Questions!:

DeSisto: Owners of that property proposed a development with about 300 units including "condo-hotel" units. The proposal, in the form of bylaw changes, was vehemently opposed by residents. The changes had been presented to Planning by Steve Shatz (ostensibly as the request of a prior Select Board). After two sessions of public hearings, the Planning Board decided that the proposed bylaw changes should not go forward, that the entire bylaw/zoning package should be reviewed and that a committee be formed to conduct this review. 

Regionalization is not Shared Services! See our "Bulletin Board" link at left for letters and discussion. This has been a BIG deal in town. Stay informed, stay involved. The Select Board did vote on January 9 to remove Stockbridge from the proposed regional agreement. So we will not be regionalized with Lee and Lenox. But the exploration into sharing services with neighboring towns will continue.

SDTC Committee Meeting:
Our annual Summer Meeting was held Thursday, Sep 8, 5:00 pm at Don's house. A quorum of 12 attendees sat around Don's deck, sipped some wine, ate some cheese and sausage, talked politics and conducted some business. An enjoyable and worthwhile time. For details see the minutes - "Officer Reports" link at left.

What town positions are up for election in 2017?
--  see the"Election Score Card" link at left.

NEW - Local Political Happenings ...
... are now being listed right here.  Look at the Calendar (left column) for dates and see our Bulletin Board tab at left for details.

Questions on campaign financing and funding?  Our Treasurer Sue Rogers recently attended a meeting on that topic and is available to point people in the right direction and answer questions.

Running for Town Office ?
The Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee seeks Democratic candidates to run for all town offices.  Our "Election Score Card" (tab at left) lists upcoming positions and the last elections results.  All Stockbridge Democrats are urged to support our candidates and to consider running for town office themselves.  Want to run?  Want more info?  Contact the SDTC Chairman at StockbridgeDemocrats@Yahoo.Com


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