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                                          "All politics is local."


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Updated - September 4, 2016

*Former U.S. Speaker of the House from Massachusetts Tip O'Neill coined this phrase - "all politics is local."
It has come to represent the fundamental importance of political action at the local level.

What's happening ....
Calendar of Events:

Thurs Sep 8SDTC Committee Meeting
5:00pm, Don's house

Presidential Debates:

Mon 9/26
Tue 10/4
Sun 10/9
Wed 10/19

Details can be found on the web. We used this site:

2016 Election Events:

Thurs Sep 8 - State Primary Election
7am to 8pm, Town Offices

One link to a sample ballot is here:

Tues Nov 8 - Presidential Election

Many opportunities coming up to run for office or to help Democratic candidates.  Contact us for details and referrals.

Announcements ..........
As the Mass Democratic Party Field Manual states: "...the next election cycle begins on the day the last one ends..."

SDTC Committee Meeting
Thursday, Sep 8, 5:00 pm at Don's house. Members will be emailed notice with agenda, minutes, treasurer's report and directions.

Who ran for office in Stockbridge in 2016? --  see "Election Score Card" tab at left.

Democratic Meetings
Stockbridge Democrats held their annual meetings on March 5, 2016 in the Town Offices.  Included were the State Caucus (to elect delegates to the June 4 State Convention in Lowell), Town Committee meeting (to review status and conduct business of the town committee) and Town Caucus (to endorse candidates for town offices as "Democratic Caucus Nominee").  The 29 people in attendance heard from State Rep Smitty Pignatelli as well as all three candidates running for Ben Downing's State Senate seat.  The meetings selected five members to attend the State Convention in Lowell and endorsed nine candidates as Democratic Caucus Nominees. 

SDTC Members' Form Slate
As part of the State's certification of local town political parties, every four years we are required to submit a slate form.  (Details in our Bulletin Board tab.)   All 33 Members did sign and the form was submitted on Friday Oct 23.  The Chairman would like to express his appreciation to everyone for their cooperation in getting the signatures.

NEW - Local Political Happenings ...
... are now being listed right here.  Look at the Calendar (left column) for dates and see our Bulletin Board tab at left for details.

Questions on campaign financing and funding?  Our Treasurer Sue Rogers recently attended a meeting on that topic and is available to point people in the right direction and answer questions.

Running for Town Office ?
The Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee seeks Democratic candidates to run for all town offices.  Our "Election Score Card" (tab at left) lists upcoming positions and the last elections results.  All Stockbridge Democrats are urged to support our candidates and to consider running for town office themselves.  Want to run?  Want more info?  Contact the SDTC Chairman at StockbridgeDemocrats@Yahoo.Com


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