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Updated - July 17, 2014

*Former U.S. Speaker of the House from Massachusetts Tip O'Neill coined this phrase - "all politics is local."
It has come to represent the fundamental importance of political action at the local level.

What's happening ....
2014 Calendar of Events:

Meetings and Elections:

August 2, Saturday -
Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee's  Summer Meeting - 10:00am, Town Offices.

September 9, Tuesday -
State Primaries.

November 4, Tuesday -
State Election Day.

Announcements ..........

Stockbridge Democrats – Aug 2 Summer Meeting

Discussions – speeches – presentations - information - our agenda currently includes the following:

Committee Business
Minutes and Financial Report
Membership – status and induction of new members
Election of SDTC Officers (Vice Chair and Treasurer)

Rules and Procedures
Suggested change in caucus rules

Local Politics
Consideration of candidates for the next town election

State Politics
Report on State Convention
Participation in campaigns
Berkshire Brigades
outh program
Candidates for Governor – representatives

Other issues – Developments like Elm Court; The proposed new gas pipeline; Gun control; Etc.


Stockbridge Town Elections (Tuesday May 20) - fantastic turnout: 574 voters.  Click on "Election Score Card" tab at left for results and details.


The Big Meetings - and indeed they were ...........

The annual Stockbridge Caucuses and Meeting of the Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee was held Saturday March 1 in the Town Offices Meeting Room.  Highlights include:
- A record 38 attendees!
- Guests David Capeless, Ben Downing and Smitty Pignatelli.
- Representatives from the Gubernatorial campaigns of Juliette Kayyem, Don Burwick, Steve Grossman and Martha Coakley.
- The nomination of seven candidates to be "Democratic Caucus Nominees"
for town positions (see the Score Card tab at left)
- The selection of five delegates to represent Stockbridge at the 2014 Massachusetts State Democratic Convention.


Questions on campaign financing and funding?  Our Treasurer Sue Rogers recently attended a meeting on that topic and is available to point people in the right direction and answer questions.

Running for Town Office .......
The Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee seeks Democratic candidates to run for all town offices.  Our "Election Score Card" (tab at left) delineates the current election status and progress. 
Stockbridge Democrats are urged to support our candidates and to consider running for town office. 
Want to run?  Contact the SDTC Chairman - StockbridgeDemocrats@Yahoo.Com

Bulletin Board:

See our new Bulletin Board section at left
(click the tab) for information on - - -

- General Announcements
- Rallies and Receptions
- Debate Schedules and Locations
- State Democratic Platform Hearing Results
- Open Disclosure of Town Positions

And more.....


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