Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee       

Election Score Card

This Section's Contents:

Stockbridge Positions - Election May 2017
Stockbridge Votes - Results of Nov. 8, 2016 Election

As the Mass Democratic Party Field Manual states: "...the next election cycle begins on the day the last one ends..."

Stockbridge Positions - Election May 2017:

Positions       Announced Candidates Party/Status

Selectman Terry Flynn Democrat

Bd of Assessors Tom Stokes Democrat

Bd of Health Hank Schwerner Democrat/Incumbent

Sewer&Water Com Tom Schuler Republican/Incumbent

Town Collector Nancy Socha Democrat/Incumbent

Treasurer Karen Williams Unenrolled/Incumbent


3 year Steve Knopf Democrat/Incumbent

1 year Julie Edmonds Democrat

Planning Board

5 year
Kate Fletcher Democrat/Incumbent
Ruth Pierce Unenrolled

3 year
Lisa Sauer Democrat

2 year
Marie Raftery Unenrolled

1 year
Wayne Slosek Republican


Stockbridge Votes - Results of Nov 8, 2016 Election:
President and Vice President:
Clinton / Kaine (D) 963
Trump / Pence (R) 252
Stein / Baraka (G-R) 30
Johnson / Weld (L) 29

Representative in Congress (First District):
Richie Neal (D) 967
Frederick Mayock(R) 143
Thomas Simmons(L) 94
Councillor - Eighth District:
Mary Hurley(D) 974
Sheriff - Berkshire County:
Thomas Bowler(D) 1008
State Senator:
Christine Canning (R) 308
Adam Hinds(D) 895
State Representative:
Smitty Pignatelli(D) 1134
1. Gambling y276, n950
2. Charter Schools y450, n796
3. Stop Farm Animal Cruelty  y1053, n208
4. Marijuana y767, n502

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