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Election Score Card

This Section's Contents:

Stockbridge Positions Up For Election in May 2017
Stockbridge Votes - Results of Nov. 8, 2016 Election
Stockbridge Positions and Candidates - 2016 Election
Stockbridge Elections In 2015
Stockbridge Votes - 2014 Massachusetts State Election Results
Poll of Members on the Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Expansion Project

As the Mass Democratic Party Field Manual states: "...the next election cycle begins on the day the last one ends..."

Stockbridge Positions Up For Election in May 2017:

Positions       Announced Candidates Party/Status

Selectman Terry Flynn Democrat

Bd of Assessors Tom Stokes Democrat

Bd of Health Hank Schwerner Democrat/Incumbent

Sewer&Water Com Tom Schuler Republican/Incumbent

Town Collector Nancy Socha Democrat/Incumbent

Treasurer Karen Williams Unenrolled/Incumbent


3 year Steve Knopf Democrat/Incumbent

1 year -- (no announced candidate)

Planning Board

5 year (pick two)
Kate Fletcher Democrat/Incumbent
Ruth Pierce Unenrolled

3 year (pick one)
Dominic Cardillo Democrat
Michael Roisman Democrat
Lisa Sauer Democrat

2 year (pick one)
Marie Raftery Unenrolled
Stuart Hirshfield Democrat

1 year (pick one)
Jennifer Carmichael Republican
Anita Schwerner  Democrat

Note on the Planning Board Election:
This year there are 5 positions up for election on the Planning Board. When taking out papers for Planning Board one must identify the position-term they are running for, e.g. “2yr”. All those who get elected will have to run again in the designated number of years, thus someone who runs and is elected for the 3yr planning board position will have to run again in three years, but then 5 years after that (because Planning Board positions have a 5 year term with a staggered election schedule and you’ll be filling the unexpired term of someone that had resigned).


Appointed positions are currently open for:

Cable Advisory Commission

Stockbridge Bowl Committee (2 Summer Resident spots)


Stockbridge Votes - Results of Nov 8, 2016 Election:
President and Vice President:
Clinton / Kaine (D) 963
Trump / Pence (R) 252
Stein / Baraka (G-R) 30
Johnson / Weld (L) 29

Representative in Congress (First District):
Richie Neal (D) 967
Frederick Mayock(R) 143
Thomas Simmons(L) 94
Councillor - Eighth District:
Mary Hurley(D) 974
Sheriff - Berkshire County:
Thomas Bowler(D) 1008
State Senator:
Christine Canning (R) 308
Adam Hinds(D) 895
State Representative:
Smitty Pignatelli(D) 1134
1. Gambling y276, n950
2. Charter Schools y450, n796
3. Stop Farm Animal Cruelty  y1053, n208
4. Marijuana y767, n502


Stockbridge Positions and Candidates - 2016 Election:

The individuals cited below successfully ran for the positions listed. No candidate was opposed.
Incumbents noted.  Party affiliation is shown by color as follows: 
DemocratRepublican, Unenrolled (Independent), Other.
Note:  All candidates listed below have been elected as "Democratic Caucus Nominees."

Selectman -
Don Chabon
Town Clerk - 
Terri Iemolini  (incumbent)
Board of Assessors
Doug Goudey  (incumbent)
Board of Health

Cathy Plakun
Sewer & Water Commission -
Peter Socha  (incumbent)
Planning Board -
Gary Pitney  (incumbent) 
Gene Talbot  (incumbent)
Parks & Recreation Commission -
Sue Rogers
Housing Authority -
Jim Welch




2015 Special Election: Cardillo Wins:

The Special Stockbridge Election for Selectman was held 
Tuesday, September 15 in the Stockbridge Town Offices.  Chuckie Cardillo, Democratic Caucus Nominee, beat Gary Johnston 353 to 250.  Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winning team.

Stockbridge Election in 2015 - Results

(Winners names in bold)
(Incumbents are noted)
(Democratic Caucus Nominees are underlined)
(Party affiliation is indicated: 
DemocratRepublican, Unenrolled)

  Selectman - 
Ernest J. "Chuck" Cardillo - (Democratic Caucus Nominee) - 334 
Deborah S. McMenamy (
incumbent)  -  282
write ins - 
blank ballots - 2

 Board. of Assessors - 
Gary M. Pitney (incumbent) (Democratic Caucus Nominee)  -  482
write ins - 2
blank ballots - 135

 Board of Health - Note that two positions were up for election:

...for the open position (1 year) -
Jonathan R. Chabon - (Democratic Caucus Nominee) - 427
write ins - 3
blank ballots - 189

...for the occupied position (3 years) -
Charles Kenny (incumbent)  -  463
write ins - 2
blank ballots - 154

 Sewer & Water Commission - 
Donald C. Schneyer (incumbent)  -  494
write ins - 1
blank ballots - 124

 Planning Board -
Donald M. Chabon (incumbent) (Democratic Caucus Nominee) - 432
write ins - 4
blank ballots - 183

 Tree Warden -
Peter L. Curtin (incumbent) (Democratic Caucus Nominee) - 372
Mark Faber 206
write ins - 1
blank ballots - 40

 Parks & Recreation Commission -
No candidates came forward to run for this position. 
George Manley, a w
rite in candidate, received the most votes with 19.

 Housing Authority -
Bernard Edmonds (incumbent) (Democratic Caucus Nominee) - 424
write ins - 8
blank ballots - 187

 Moderator -
Gary D. Johnston
 (incumbent)  -  499
write ins - 8
blank ballots - 112



Massachusetts 2014 Mid-Term Election

[Please note that the following is based on the best information available at the time of publication.  Nevertheless, while we try to remain current we cannot always guarantee accuracy.]

Number of votes indicted after each name ...

Overall Results

Names of Winning Candidates.

US Senator - Ed Markey
US Congress 1st Dist - Richie Neal
Governor & Lt Governor - Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito
Attorney General - Maura Healey
TreasurerDeb Goldberg
Auditor - Suzanne Bump
Secretary of State - Bill Galvin
Councillor 8th Dist -
Michael Albano
District Attorney Berkshire Dist - David Capeless
Register of Probate Berkshire Co - Francis Marinaro
State Senator - Ben Downing
State Representative - Smitty Pignatelli
School Board - Bannon, Fields, Higa, Weston, Peter, Piaseki.

Massachusetts 2014 Mid-Term Election
Numbers for Stockbridge

1616 registered voters
924 voted

US Senator:
(D)Markey 675
(R)Herr 197
Other and Blanks 52

US Congress - 1st District:
(D)Neal 721
Other and Blanks 203

Governor & Lt Governor:
(D)Coakley & Kerrigan 618
(R)Baker & Polity 222
(UI)Falchuk & Jennings 22
Other and Blanks 62

Attorney General:
(D)Healey 653
(R)Miller 195
Other and Blanks 76

Secretary of State:
(D)Galvin 627
(R)D’Arcangeo 172
(GR)Factor 49
Other and Blanks 76

(D)Goldberg 585
(R)Hefffernan 199
(GR)Jackson 46
Other and Blanks 94

(D)Bump 613
(R)StAubin 169
(GR)Merelice 46
Other and Blanks 96

Councillor - 8th Dist:
(D)Albano 665
Other and Blanks 259

District Attorney - Berkshire Dist:
(D)Capeless 675
Other and Blanks 249

Register of Probate - Berkshire County:
(D)Marinaro 682
Other and Blanks 242

State Senator:
(D)Downing 740
Other and Blanks 184

State Representative:
(D)Pignatelli 773
Other and Blanks 151

School Committee (in groupings):

Bannon 492    
Other and Blanks 0

Fields 406
Higa 234    
Other and Blanks 716

Weston 578
StPeter 549
Other and Blanks 721

Krahm 473
Piaseki 527
Other and Blanks 848

Special School Vote:

Question #1
Yes 580
No 301
Other and Blanks 12

Question #2
Yes 553
No 305
Other and Blanks 35

Other Questions/Laws:

#1 Repeal Gas Indexing
Yes 355
No 482
Other and Blanks 87

#2 Bottle Bill
Yes 507
No 371
Other and Blanks 46

#3 Casino Gambling
Yes 566
No 308
Other and Blanks 50

#4 Earned Sick Time
Yes 621
No 243
Other and Blanks 60

#5 Tax Marijuana
Yes 641
No 184
Other and Blanks 126

Percentage that voted for Coakley/Kerrigan - by town:

67% Stockbridge
66% Lenox
66% Pittsfield
68% Richmond
76% Williamstown
72% North Adams
68% Adams
57% Cheshire
73% West Stockbridge
72% Great Barrington
60% Dalton
62% Washington
72% Alford
73% Sheffield
70% Egremont



The Stockbridge Democratic Town Committee Opposes the Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Expansion Plan  
Per SDTC bylaws, at the request of SDTC member Tom Stokes an e-ballot was sent to all members on August 25, due back before September 4, 2014.  The ballot provided information on the pipeline project and asked members to vote either “against” (if opposed), “for” (if supporting the pipeline), or “?” (aren’t sure/can’t decide).   Of 33 members 23 responses were received by the deadline: 17 were opposed to the pipeline project, 1 was for the project, 1 objected to this poll altogether, and 4 felt they didn't have enough information to decide.  As a result the official position is that the SDTC is opposed to the proposed pipeline. A copy of this information has been forwarded to our elected representatives for their consideration.

A sample of some specific comments (slightly edited) were as follows:

Chairman's Note: The large majority of people just wrote "against."

"Against Against Against"

"Against.   Thanks ... for taking the count.  I've been to a few meetings and think that the rallying cry of the anti pipeliners (no new infrastructure for carbon) is right on.   Expert speakers were convincing in saying that gas is not needed in MA.  Why don't they run their pipes down the middle of the Pike ? "

"I don't think it's appropriate to be taking any vote based upon an "approach" by a nameless person nor without a full discussion as to whether the committee should be doing this at all. We started the discussion at the August meeting without conclusion. If you insist that there be a vote record my objection to doing so. This is not a routine matter to be disposed of by email."

"I'm sorry but I do not feel that I'm educated enough on this topic to vote. I trust that voting members know more details and are more passionate on their stance. "

"Thanks for sending this along.  I vote "AGAINST". " 



"??? To many unanswered Qs, there going to get the gas there some how, truck, train or what" 

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